Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey there, first post in years I can say. Many things happened in the past year; been emotionally up and down, career transitions, independence, change of path in relationships, started to smoke, etc.

2010 just wasn't my year. Nevertheless, lots of lessons taken from this year.

This 2011 I just wanna try focusing on what I want, call me selfish but I wanna try and get what I always wanted while I have no BIG commitments whatsoever at the moment. First achievement my Riau exhibition this July goes well. By this time next year I hope I'll be at the shores of Bali, enjoying life. Heh. Who knows Kenny will transfer me to Bali for a 2012 Bali Boat Convention! Let's just hope it'll happen.

Gosh, I've gained a lot of weight since seeing Nicholas! My jeans are tightening in such a short period of time, I can say living in Kelapa Gading is really bittersweet considering it IS one of the food central in Jakarta. But it's kinda pricey to be eating out everyday! Gotta remember to save up for whatever later, mac mac mac!

Anyways, my dearest computer is officially dead. So all I have now is my work computer and my recently "loaned" BlackBerry Kenny handed me, both with really limited internet access :'(

Idk what else to blog, just wanted to update a bit. Hope I'll remember to blog sometime soon, meanwhile I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2011. God bless.

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