Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey there, first post in years I can say. Many things happened in the past year; been emotionally up and down, career transitions, independence, change of path in relationships, started to smoke, etc.

2010 just wasn't my year. Nevertheless, lots of lessons taken from this year.

This 2011 I just wanna try focusing on what I want, call me selfish but I wanna try and get what I always wanted while I have no BIG commitments whatsoever at the moment. First achievement my Riau exhibition this July goes well. By this time next year I hope I'll be at the shores of Bali, enjoying life. Heh. Who knows Kenny will transfer me to Bali for a 2012 Bali Boat Convention! Let's just hope it'll happen.

Gosh, I've gained a lot of weight since seeing Nicholas! My jeans are tightening in such a short period of time, I can say living in Kelapa Gading is really bittersweet considering it IS one of the food central in Jakarta. But it's kinda pricey to be eating out everyday! Gotta remember to save up for whatever later, mac mac mac!

Anyways, my dearest computer is officially dead. So all I have now is my work computer and my recently "loaned" BlackBerry Kenny handed me, both with really limited internet access :'(

Idk what else to blog, just wanted to update a bit. Hope I'll remember to blog sometime soon, meanwhile I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2011. God bless.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

visualize, realize!

so i'm just staring out to the road the whole afternoon with itunes plugged into my head. 4 years is just too long to wait for someone who has got lack of patience, i need some changes. fast!

so i visualized all that could possibly happen, it's up to me whether i wanted to go for it or not. nothing is impossible to achieve, just takes a lot of hardwork and initiation to do what it takes.

i've always wanted so many things, like traveling with buddies and families, mac electronics and stuff. i can't possibly achieve all those by just sitting and wait for those things to come to me, i decided to tryout for some jobs available. thank God roads are open to me at this point where i'm sick of my personal life situation. no matter what it takes, if no one shall walk with me to achieve my goals then i will race my way there on my own.

there's so much i want to express but i just can't find the right person or media to pour it onto, so just a brief post to keep myself sane for the moment.

i hope one day i will spend my dream christmas in NY, go to a church just to feel the christmas spirit.. heehee.. =D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

friggin pissed

today is probably the worst day in the beginning of 2010, what the heck? my ipod is packed with darn annoying viruses and i hate the shit out of it.. since the capacity of the thing is 80 gigs i had to be late for something which again i hate and then right when i reached workplace the darn electricity won't work with my laptop's plug then i had to use the battery.. argh!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

failure: is there a message behind it?

if you failed many times doing the same thing over and over again, does it mean you have to try something new? i believe there is always a message behind every failure: do something else. besides that don't you ever get tired of doing something that many times and not succeeding? how much time of your life are you gonna pass just trying that something not worth the wait?

let's just say an athlete in a marathon, and he races for 3 years consecutively and never gets a medal. should he move on or keep on running that marathon in the future races?

well, this boring post is just figuring out my opinion. is it just me, who is just plain impatient or are there anybody out there who thinks like i do on this matter.
-signing out

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new york, new york!

it's 3pm and i just woke up.

before all fades into blurry memories i'd like to post this vivid dream here, it's like the best dream since i've recently had nightmares many many times in a row..

it all started with how fed up i became with sis always touching my belongings without permission (i hate it), so i went to buddy's place. funny, cuz all i wore was t-shirt and panties.. it was chinese new year then, so his family was setting up chinese new year props (which i think seldom happens to both our families). and it was the year of the dragon then, his year.. he told me he had to do some stuff, idk whether their rituals or wtv LOL..

we went up to his room, got me some decent kakhis to wear. open the closet doors and all of a sudden we were in the big apple, at night! his school there was like futuristic alice in wonderland, weird but cool monuments around, cool lightings, even the school lab were horribly cool! it was nice he introduced me to some friends then it reminded me of my twin buddies from philadelphia, but it all turned a different way after that.. we were around for a while and i had in mind that i was in the place i wanted with one of the best person in the world, was soooo happy! i told him i didn't want this to go away, he took a picture but the camera wouldn't work, i think that was when i woke up.. kinda disappointed but happy i could see D & new york in my dreams :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


my leggings are here!

i tried bleaching the previous ones but failed due to uncooperative materials, this time i ordered cotton spandex leggings. i dropped a little bleach on the legging and it worked! i decided to twist it, tie it up with a rubber band and bleach. but sadly i left it to bleach for too long, about an hour cuz i had other errands to run which i thought i'd be back soon. look at the damage pictures :(

Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy new blog

happy new year.

spent the new year's eve in family's place in tangerang, had so-called barbeque where the maids did the barbeque-ing. took some pics, not really spectacular gathering as some of them went to other relatives' place and joined later that night after new year fireworks.

i went home the following day, first thing i checked; "were my hamsters alive and in place?". Poofie was missing for a while, he escaped and went under the door gap and out of the room. i thought he's gonna be eaten by the rats for sure, thank God i found him under the abandoned sink..

everyone's overdoing facebook and it's kinda irritating that they put stupid little updates every few minutes.. anyways, here is my new d.i.y. project to be sold at starstudded apparels on facebook.

mom initially bought this legging which i was supposed to "acid wash" is but she bought the legging with the wrong material hence i couldn't bleach it. so i decided to slash it, wtv..

signing out - ID

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


it end of the year already, no celebrations or whatsoever for any occasions and i haven't been updating my post for the least two months..

so, nothing happened much. haven't got a decent job, decided to help out with dad's english tuition business.. got a camera! so happy, it's like my own christmas gift from me to myself! it's a canon eos 450D, i liked the service over the shop there they serve hagen daaz to guests. where can you find service like that? oh well, in the end i found another shop online which was charging less for what i paid.. whatever, can't complain anymore.. so far i'm loving my camera, still can't figure out how to use it well though..

i sorta designed 2 clothing pieces, well i altered them actually from their original state.. they're little pieces but i'm kinda proud i can make what they sell in stores for sky high prices, i'm more of a diy person.. i'm selling these on facebook, so if anyone wants it they are able to purchase them. if not i'll just wear them :)

i just added some studs and chains to this one:

acid washed! loved how i made it, so easy and stylish:

that's all i guess..
signing outta here - ID

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Gosh, i had a nightmare..

It was as if all of the kids who graduated high school on the same year (2006, my school year) had to repeat the school again due to illegal certification. Man the school was packed with all of my old school friends, studying clueless. The teachers were, erm.. tacky and wanted us to do whatever they wanted and we MUST NOT be absent, which for my case i couldn't deal with..

Anyways, i saw my ex, we quarreled for no reason splashing water at each other and it all turned out that i was shooting some kinda sitcom (sinetron). It all was weird.

Everything went to my current boyfriend leaving me going overseas and not coming back, leaving from an MRT station (wtf?) and i was left devastated standing at the platform along crying. I woke up with my heart thumping hard, face wet. Afraid to go back to sleep as the dream would continue.. I slept anyways and woke at 4pm.. LOL, stupid.

Anyways, if you wondered about my new job.. I didn't make it, paperworks were just too much for me to handle as i'm easily distracted. I don't think i'm capable of doing many little paperworks on queue. I quit after 3 days, the managers and all were great though wished i would've known then personally. I think i'm gonna try out another marketing job or just help dad handle his english course should God allow.

Monday, November 30, 2009

First day at new office

For the first time in my life i've come early to office. The doors are still locked. Yes, i've found a new admin job, idk if it's suitable for me though. No harm trying.

I've been keeping myself busy since late october by studding shoes and selling stuff off facebook.. Yeah i know it's lame, but it keeps me busy..

Oh wanna share some pics of my custom made shoes which i resold to someone else.. Can you compare the original to what my order looked like? Horrendous.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Odd One Out

I really need to find someplace i can call home.. It is where i don't have to share any facility-related objects which will eventually upset me and ruin my day..

Call me weird i won't mind, i have been sharing messy bedrooms with my sister my whole life, sharing random computers with mom, dad, and sis.. And not to mention bathrooms, i hate it when someone has to use it in the middle of my shower time.. Why can't i just get stuff of my own, why do i have to earn those things on my own like shit? Even little things which every kid has, such as a mobile phone, i got on my own! When can i start giving when nobody gives?

I wanna own my own place, have whatever i want and nobody to give a shit about, call me selfish i admit i am.. I'm tired of sharing everything with the wrong people where they don't even care when i share my favorite music, my favorite movies, videos or whatsoever.. I hate you guys..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Confused shitless

Tonight i had a clear vision of what my life would be like if i chose to carry on what i have now.. I'll be a sick worried wife, thinking of the whereabouts of my husband while he's having fun and doesn't even bother to call to tell where he is.. And when i phone him up, there is a 100% chance that he's not picking up the phone. I can't live like that.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Need to change the layout real soon, it's so lame i'm outta ideas to create art since i've worked in an office.. X(

Holidays well spent :)

So, i spent the islamic new year vacation this year in east java, the first time i've ever been there. Went with my bf's family, his dad drove from jakarta and here's a breakdown summary of events..

- 21 September
Moved at 12:30 from jakarta, planned for Babat, province in East Java. Arrived at 7am following day, stopped at several gas stations for petrol and meal breaks.. (his mom makes the best rendang ever). Enjoyed views jakarta can never offer, seen sunrise on the road. Beautiful.

- 22 September
Arrived at Babat, settled down, showered, ate, took a little stroll around the neighborhood. Decided to bear with the oddities i encounter. Huge lizards, ew.

- 23 September
Left early for Malang, another province. Visited graves at lamongan and surabaya on the way. Stayed overnight at a cottage in the midst of fields, cozy i thought. Hate the bathroom. Don't like the city cuz we were brought to shitty department stores. Not much impression of the place though..

- 24 September
Left early back to Babat, can't believe locals woke at 4am and eats rice for breakfast. Thank god we're leaving, slept on the way, temperature hot as hell. Reached Babat, eventually showered and slept decently. Woke. Confused of family overpopulation, took a stroll (with some locals), hated it. Went back to camp, watched tv. Bored, shat. More huge lizards. Being left by bf at camp for some barbeque reunion. Bored, wanted to listen to ipod. Battery flat.. Fuck!

- 25 & 26 September
Left early for Solo, temperature was fine. Went through mountains and gorgeous views. Nice and neat city, relatives were nice to us (not to each other, odd. there were many relatives clustered in one neighborhood). Liked the place for its overall, but foodstalls close early too bad for big eaters like me.. Loved the Rp. 2,000 bbq corn and the honey milk by the road side. Not much agenda for these two days..

- 27 September
Woke early for Grojogan Sewu (Thousand Steps) waterfall site, weather was nice. Went uphill with some relatives, saw many food-stealing monkeys there. Took pictures there but sadly their in my bf's phone i haven't the chance to upload them. Went back to Solo, rested, ate more corn and honey milk. Slept.

- 28 September
I'm supposed to be at office by today, but not. Woke early (yet again) and headed to Yogya to shop at the famous Malioboro for its traditional arts and goodies (batik) for a fairly good price. Thanks to bf's mom for bargaining, i can't do anything when i see something i like. Got 1 tie-dye dress, 1 butterfly top, 1 pj, and 1 skirt. Lunch. Headed straight to Semarang afterwards. Squeezy, had to sleep at the kitchen on a mat.. X( Saw some wedding photos, looked sad and serious, no laughter, love and happiness shown in the pics. Terrified by it. Hot and attacked by countless mosquitoes, dammit!

- 29 September
Woke earlier than ever today at 4am, showered, had a piece of tahu isi for breakfast while the others ate mutton. Headed straight back to Jakarta. Then office.

I never thought there were nicer places than Jakarta since I've never been out, turns out that Java is a nice place to be in. Of course with a certain level of lifestyle for me, I don't think I can live in kampungs where peeps sleep all over the place, life with extended family, rooms with no doors and outdoor bathrooms. I'll cry myself out seriously.. Just simply like to live in a quiet environment.

All my experience made me thankful for what I have and having the thought to move forward. September 2009 may be the best month of my life so far.

Signing out,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Home alone..

not so alone actually, am currently with retha wasting hours of time doing facebook and doing nothing else..

it's holiday season this week and we're staying in to make sure everything is safe. but on the other hand i have plans to travel around Java with my bf's family, yay! am totally excited that i'm going around to meet his family! plus, we're going sight seeing for the first time outside Jakarta in my 10 years in Indonesia! it's so lame when all the while i spend my time just at home, and know nothing (outside Jakarta) of the country that i reside in. but i don't think there'll be time to go shopping or anything.. but so damn thrilled!!

but at the moment, i'm damn bored sia..
that's it for today, gtg..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Step Up

Hmm, seems like mom is going to Malacca to take care of little Aunt after her surgery.. I'm sure she'll be fine afterwards :)

So, in order to make a passport she has to go through immigration. Adjie will help of course, I consider this as a little step up for him to be closer to my side of the family. I'm glad mom was nice to him today, she even got him a welcome drink or so.

I hope relationship will mend through time and I hope all that I've been through was worthwhile :)

Anyways, recently I'm obsessed with shoes and bags and I think it was time where I understood why girls and ladies love shopping so much.. I don't get why I love getting a pair of shoes or a bag every now and then be it casual or fashion. But I think I've reached the age where I used to wonder why women need so many things which they don't use everyday. Strange.

Here are some of the shoes on my "wanted list":

most are random shoe designs from google but the last two pics are studded shoes from ZARA, they're like Balmain's replica or whatsoever. I just love studded leather stuff, kinda biker-stylish. And (oh!) I found custom shoe makers in Jakarta! They're only doing online business which I would have to take the risk to try to order shoes which fit me perfectly, besides that the price is perfectly affordable :)

I'll post some pics when I get the guts to order them.. See ya!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


At last, my freedom is due.. Since last week i've been staying out during weekdays to be closer to work and to reduce the risk of getting robbed since it's the peak season of it.. I go home on weekends just for the sakes of being home, and to take a look a my hamsters every now and then..

I've been wanting to be on my own since 2 years ago and i sorta achieved it.. It takes a little effort and guts to get what i want.. Although folks never bothered to ask nicely why i opted out.. Sighs..

Anyways, the sad part of life is sorta over, i get to wake up a little later everyday and office is just steps away! Everybody knows i love to sleep.. So be it.. Now my next goal is to get my own apartment, yay!

There's this government subsidised apartment somewhere between Sunter and Kelapa Gading, it's kinda squeezy but it's worth the price and i'm gonna get a studio apartment. I think. I'm gonna be so close to my favorite places in Jakarta!

Till next post, see ya :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Always late!

Me waiting at the mall again for another late appointment.. I see this happy family walking together hand in hand, it made me think. Dad wouldn't even know anymore what i liked, what i wanted, what tattoo i wanted and where i wanted it to be made.. It surprised me when i asked Gerard if there are any company policies on tattoos, he said he knew i'd get a star on my wrist! I realised things i don't know how to think anymore, colleagues are basically my 'new family' now..

I miss the times when dad used to play video games with me, and kinda taught me how to ride a bicycle.. Besides those i learnt every other thing by myself without their parental attention.. I remembered i used to steal things as a kid just for fun, for the sake of not getting the things i really wanted. I was accused for being a thief after i picked up a five-dollar bill in primary school, i don't know until now who'd my parents believed; the discipline master or me.

I never got what every kid wanted when i was younger, and i hope i can provide my future kids well, if...

my boy's here for me now, gtg! see ya.. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Half cup of teh tarik's done for, lols..

Today was a pretty unique day, i wasn't late for the first time of the month! I ran up and down in the office just to get those darn certificates done (they were supposed to be done earlier but damn bastards left all that work yet to be done). Ria and I did a couple of certs and went on to Tangerang (slept on the way) to see a client. On my way back there were Domino pizza promotion on the roadside, boards hung on delivery guys' necks.. So classy..

I like sitting in the car and just looking out the window enjoying the view with absolute silence, i know i'm strange, lols..

So, while i have some time doing nothing i'd share a bit of story from work. RX, has 3 shareholders; they are T, G, and K. So automatically they share assets in RX. K got sorta greedy and started his own business which conflict with RX, it is called FW. So initially i had 2 team mates and they both are in FW now. Here's the story of how they switched camps. After our successful project in November, my 2 ex team mates demandes for some bonus and i guess money oriented people eventually get greedy and thinks money means evrything. Accounts for our last project have not been cleared out so we couldn't figure out how much bonus we could get. We weren't directed by K for a couple of months (he was our project director then) hence we did nothing much at the office. He did know very well how to make use of certain situations and the 2 idiots got poached over to FW. So much for teamwork eh? So this is one valuable lesson learned; never trust anyone personally at work. T n K used to be childhood friends and now they're killing each other, wtf? I still wonder why people can't be thankful enough to have what they own, and yet they demand more than what they could have.. Stupid people..

Anyways, enough for the hatred. I'd like to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! =D
(today's actually friday the 13th!)

Monday, February 2, 2009



Who doesn't love the classic boardgame?

I got Rp. 700,000 (USD 65) deducted from my salary this month from being late/absent. LOL. How should I improvise to get rid of that habit? It's funny to think it cost me that much for being late and all, I could've got myself something.. Sighs, lesson learned. I guess.

I shall reward myself whenever my salary's not deducted at all. HAH!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Post of The Blog

Hey there,

I've been very busy and too lazy to deal with blogstuff lately. Anyways, my buddy D, convinced me to redo my blog since I have not much updates.. Heehee..

Went to a funny bakmie stall by the roadside today, the man who tended the stall was funny. He paid total attention to customers who ate at the stall, which is damn funny. For whatever we ate, he immediately wrote it down on the bill. Not to mention he prepared the change (clipped together with the bill) even before we paid. But all in all it was a nice bakmie stall.

I'll update a bit about Linkin Park's fourth studio album, it's gonna be a concept album. Not much is being informed through but if you help Music for Relief, you might stand a chance to hang out in their studio while they record their latest album!

See ya!